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What will Santa give us?

The last one from the series of „funny“ Christmas cartoons doesn’t need any further comments. Previous Christmas cartoons can be found here and here.

Nativity Scene

The second “funny” cartoon on the Christmas theme deals with the problem of the implementation of Santa Claus in our Christmas traditions. We should like him, he doesn’t have an easy life…

Space for your advert

We went by the shopping centre at the weekend. I was scared that the apocalypse had begun, and that they hadn’t told us. My wife tried to explain to me that it’s the way people normally celebrate Christmas. I still don’t believed such a crazy theory.

Ideas for “funny” cartoons on the Christmas theme started to come to my mind. This is the first one.

Hurvinek’s Stories in Skaut Magazine

My comic “Hurvinek’s Stories”, about the life of Leopold Färber has unexpectedly started to be published in Skaut Magazine. I wrote this comic three years ago for the“We Are Still at War – Stories of the 20th Century” project. The first two stories, “Hunchback the Spy” and “Boxes behind the Bowling-alley” were published in the December issue.

I’m at Fler

I’ve opened an e-shop at Fler for your better knowledge about my books. You can give any of them to your friends for Christmas, with the author’s original drawings, and a personal dedication. Take a look, and present them to your relatives, friends, or even give them to yourself as a great gift!

Word of the Year: Selfie

The Oxford Dictionaries has announced “selfie” as the word of the year for 2013. You probably already knew about it, but maybe you didn’t know that they called it that. It’s a quite ordinary self-portrait – by your own hand, or in the mirror, rather by cell phone than by camera, and more often by women than by men, frequently less dressed than more, and usually in bad quality, rarely differently. It’s all the rave. Simply – the word of the year. >> Otevři celý článek

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