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No Comment exhibition in Prague

An exhibition, “No Comment”, will present Czech and Slovak cartoons, including my pictures, in Prague (after exhibitions in Bratislava and Ostrava). The Centre for People in Need, Langhans, will hold an opening on 14th November from 6 p.m., and the discussion with publicists and caricaturists, “Politics from ear to ear”, will follow.

Eleven Worlds in Litomysl

An exceptional exhibition of contemporary Czech illustrations for children, “Eleven Worlds”, has found its new home in Litomysl. It will start on 8th November 2013 from 5 p.m. in the House of the Knights. Children can enjoy the exhibition until 2nd February 2014. Represented illustrators, in alphabetical order: David Böhm, Pavel Čech, Jiří Franta, Renáta Fučíková, Vendula Chalánková, Karel Jerie, Lucie Lomová, Galina Miklínová, Petr Nikl, Petr Šmalec, Vhrsti.

Illustration Friday: Secret

We will discuss “The White Lady Baby Sitter” comic book at KomiksFEST!

There is a presentation of our new comic book, „The White Lady Baby Sitter“ in the programme of the biggest comic con in the Czech Republic, KomiksFEST!. We will talk with director Petr Friedl about how seven comic stories based on the TV series were created on 2nd November in Theatre Hall, MeetFactory, Prague.

Prokop’s Garden

A remarkable educational garden has been cultivated near the centre of Dobris. Fruit trees and bushes, perennial flowers, and ornamental vegetation. I participated in the park project as something of a graphic designer and illustrator. I created five information boards about local history, plants, and animals. The sixth board I created for the town of Dobris is near the Shell petrol station. It invites visitors to explore the town, and highlights the most interesting stops of three new nature trails.

Illustration Friday: Creature

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