It is a honour for me to know Vhrsti personally. When somebody comes across his original style, he or she is able to recognize him among all authors, and “I’m Not Afraid of the Dark Any More”. When he started as a freelancer, Bodie and Doyle finished. A long list of professions, such as writer, illustrator, cartoonist, comic artist, and scriptwriter still isn’t enough to encompass his artistic, literary, graphic, humourous, and production talents. Whenever I come across his positive, amiable, and funny pictures and books I feel like I am “On Holiday in Heaven”. I couldn´t understand how he could still be so modest and responsive, when he is so talented. If I were the author of the draft for the most humorous part of the beginning of the XXX. Summer Olympic Games in London, thanks to a  clip with Daniel Craig which was filmed by Danny Boyle, and “The White Lady Au-pair”, my nose would grow, and would be bigger than in the case of Radouš. So do not hesitate to approach Vhrsti, for example when you need original wedding invitations, a fairy tale character as a plush toy, or a comics character who gets up every day and goes to work instead of you… And a small tip those of you thinking about performing a good deed and at the same time saving on your income tax:  go to paint the children’s wards in hospitals with Vhrsti pictures. And not only for the children… after that, everybody will be healthy, and the doctors could spend more time discovering “The Secret of Snowflakes” instead of diagnosing.