Vojtěch Jurík, alias Vhrsti, as well as having indisputable artistic qualities, is a 100% dependable professional, and it’s a pleasure to co-operate with him. He is communicative, listens well, and was able to transform my idea onto paper, was able to understand my comments, through which I wanted to feel inward harmony and balance. He kept to all deadlines and agreements. Apart from this, he is a modest, sensitive, and open man, shining with inner warmth, just like his pictures.“Let’´s Rescue Joan!” was awarded the second prize in the literary competition by the Book Club, and was recommended for publishing, but because of restrictions in the publishing house, and because of the financial crisis it wasn’t  published, I decided to publish it as an MP3 CD myself. I asked an acquaintance from the architecture magazine for some names. He sent me six, and from first glanc it was a clear decision. We met with Mr Jurík (Vhrsti) only once, the rest of our communication was via e-mails and telephone calls. About 400 copies of the of audiobook “Let’s Rescue Joan!” were sold without official distribution, and with a minimal promotion to date. I think that’s a success.