When I compiled a list of my most important work events of 2013, I surprised myself. It was really a whirlwind last year. I don’t want the following list to look like I am bragging, but it mainly shows the many new things I tried, many things I start, things I improved, and things I did for the first time…

1. Czech television broadcasted the premiere of White Lady Babysitter – the first TV series with my pictures.
2. I weighed in with my pictures for the silver medal, for the second best schoolbook in Europe.
3. I completed my first book trilogy for children.
4. White Lady Babysitter also became a successful comic book.
5. I drew the largest illustration of my career. (I’ll tell you more about it soon.)
6. I started to sell some of my books via the Fler e-shop.
7. I released my first self-published book.
8. I was a member of the jury of an international literary competition for the first time.
9. I participated in the unique Prokop’s garden in Dobris.
10. I shot my first videos.
11. I started to send monthly newsletters to my friends and fans.
12. They published the first comic book, which I participated in only as a scriptwriter, and I wrote my first book prologue.
13. Maybe it will be a landmark, maybe not: I drew the first comic from the world of Terra Gigas .
14. I published a story for adults in a literary magazine, after a long break.
15. Significantly increased the number of my public appearances – I told and drew my fairytales for children in schools and libraries, I signed books, discussed, led workshops, performed with the Pilsen Philharmonic, and even lectured on my work for colleagues from the Czech Union of Cartoonists.